Special schools deserve custom-built tools that are as unique as their pupils

We support special schools with affordable, custom-built pupil management systems that reduce staff workload and improve children’s outcomes

Most special schools, as well as Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provision settings, use Pupil Information Management Systems built for mainstream schools.

But there’s a big problem.

When it comes to these kinds of unique settings, the spectrum of pupils’ needs is far greater than those typically found in mainstream education - behavioural support and management, emotional management, medication needs, complex safeguarding, the types of incident reporting…

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The language and terminology used by our staff is very unique to our setting

  • Student management plans are far more complex than in mainstream schools

  • There’s a greater amount of student data held by different stakeholders on different systems

  • Existing data management feels clunky and unwieldy

  • Pulling pupil information together and trying to analyse it is a mental drain on staff

  • It’s not easy to measure if our current systems are actually having a positive impact on pupil outcomes

We hear you. We’ve been there too. And there is a better way.

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Making do with mainstream has to stop

You deserve so much better than having to make do with off-the-shelf systems that were designed with mainstream schools in mind. They just don’t cut it. It’s why we think you’ll really like Iris Adapt.

We can help you:

  Combine data entry and search facility in one simple application

 Facilitate fast and easy sorting and searching of the data

 Permit multiple levels of secure access

 Record every change and edit on the system

 Include simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis tools that speed up Behaviour Management Planning

 Grow and adapt your system according to your needs at no additional cost

Stop wasting time accessing a gazillion different systems or trying to crowbar in information because the systems you’re using don’t do what you want them to do.
Book a short demo and we’ll show you why Iris Adapt is fast-becoming the Pupil Information System of choice for Special Schools, Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provision settings.

“As the person who analyses the data, it makes my job so much easier than before. It makes it much easier to analyse a whole range of data which was previously either difficult or impossible to obtain the information. It has shortened the process of effective analysis by at least one working day.” - Ashgate, specialist support primary school

“Using IRIS Adapt gives us more time to focus on what the data is showing us, rather than spending time collating and processing the data manually. Our staff report much better time management and safeguarding is significantly improved as under-reporting of incidents is much reduced.” - 

Bridgelea PRU

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About Iris Adapt

“I co-created Iris Adapt because the Pupil Information Systems I used to use in my school were too restrictive, too clunky, and not capable of meeting the needs of all pupils. My staff [1] and I would spend too long trying to shoe-horn in information, requesting information from different people, or trying to make sense of all the ‘data dots’ to form some sort of bigger picture. I decided there must be a better way!

So I joined forces with some of the brightest minds in the world of technology and data, and together we created Iris Adapt. When I told friends in education about it, they wanted it for their settings too, and Iris Adapt has grown from there.

Every system we build is one of a kind, with greater long-term cost efficiency and full support from our Team every step of the way.” - Ed Whittaker, founder, Iris Adapt